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Astrology Fulla Rompolicious Stoopid For A Planet Packin’ Big Time Frickin’ Crap

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Down Deep An' Dirty Withya Planetary Flirty




Welcome to my astrology blog.

Would I be too much up my own ass to suggest that visitin’ here — especially regular — makesya a kinda cool person?

Or is that jus’ brazen flattery?

I guess that gonna depend on which signa the Zodiac you are — alla which is super excitin’.

Anyways, keep stoppin’ by, K?

Blog drops evry Monday sum time around 9am Eastern, 1pm GMT or 6am PST, dependin’ on whereya happenta be.

(I am not referencin’ no Australian Weirdo Marsupial Time cos they got spiders over there big asya frickin’ head gonna biteya ass clean offaya body, an’ I would not wanna give dangerous arachnids any kinda assistance when it comesta world domination — so, sorry Oz, guessya all jus’ gotta take a wild stab withya anti-spider machete…)

Meantime, anyone got any better ideas for posts than I got already, PITCH ME on here an’ mebbe I will write the fuckers…

Your Handy URANUS IN TAURUS Transit Primer 2018

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YOUR HANDY URANUS IN TAURUS TRANSIT PRIMER 2018 Is the 2018 Uranus in Taurus transit the BIG ONE? Yanno ... an astrological wiener so colossal no boxers can contain it? Even before we get our hands on it an’ play around with its potentialities as they firm up before our eyes? tbh, I think so. Which means we are fortunate, you an’ Moi. Cos we livin’ through a time packin’ real change — a way better scenario than suffocatin’ to death beneath no cardboard mleh comfort blanket Nirvana. Gotta figure the Uranus in Taurus transit phenomenaaahn pulls on the change [...]

Why Spring Equinox Spells Trouble For Certainty

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WHY SPRING EQUINOX SPELLS TROUBLE FOR CERTAINTY Want my view on Spring Equinox rituals? tbh, I figure the whole concept is kinda stoopid. An’ here’s why. All things ritual are essentially trad — wise counsel theatrified as participatory spectacle, passed down from generation to generation as a formalised routine occasionally involvin’ exotic dance maneuvers & fancy costooms, plus mandatory wailin’ an’ mebbe randomly slain goats. Works mebbe for dooty-conscious Capricorn at Christmas ... but right now we got ARIES SEASON. An’ that is why Spring Equinox spells trouble for certainty. Spring Equinox Spells Only Adventure Lemme talkya through [...]

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