Aries New Moon 2018 Vervekrieg<span class="sdata2" title="2018-04-15T12:12:51+00:00"></span>

Your next moments

are super important.

By the time you done

read this through,

you will be movin’

in a whole noo direction.

Why so?

Moon is NEW in Aries rn —

an’ the heavens resonate with

Cardinal energy on an’ earth an’ fire roll.

What starts now matters, big time.

This is a Uranus-powered Upstart Moon

got no fear ‘bout lookin’

real authoritarian Plooto & Saturn

uberdiktats from above … an’ below …

blammo in the frickin’ eye —

an’ bein’ fully prepared

to overturn the whole shebang.

Tellya, Upstart Moon fulla Vervekrieg.

Your next steps begin now —

an’ they reveal a whole noo journey,

whole noo worlds packin’ possibility.

You wanna ritual for this Lunar bonanza?

One gonna powerya on

into adventures beyond

evry kinda whatevah?

tbh, ritual is almost done.

It been here a few weeks now,

grindin’ out solutions an’ ansas

through all the heavy dooty

Mercury retro confusion

while Joopiter in Scorpio

pulled the plug

on your last emotional reserves.

Truth is … ritual is over.

Vervekrieg is here — live an’ loud —

an’ like all troo Aries energies,

it bolted outta the gate beforeya even knew.

So what exactly was it lured you here?

What thought or wish prompted you to walk this way?

What been backa your mind … fronta your mind … this last fortnight, these past few seconds?

You know what it is, you know where it’s headed — so getchya boots on an’ go chase the fucker.

Do sumthin’ so batshit crazy you gonna love it forevah.

Upstart Moon packs Vervekrieg.

An’ the hour is for defo NOW.

What else you wanna know?


Disclaimer — The incendiary power firin’ up this Vervekrieg Upstart Moon

got full sparky at 9.57 Eastern, Sunday 4/15/18.  You drop here any later

(bcs you missed my tweet alert, you lame astro enthoosiast asshole),

full-on mojo bustin’ outta your romp into sublimely delish Yonder switch out energizin’ verve

for a scenario more akin to saggy boobies floppin’ outta a brown bikini.

Prolly you can obtain sum kinda Surefire Celestial Benefit from my srsly-on-the-money astro counsel

till mebbe Toosday, after which time you prolly better off gettin’ slamoed onya cocktaila choice,

readin’ a juicy romance novel, or mebbe ridin’ a horse tillya skimpies’re beyond damp

& you unable to walk for a coupla minutes whenya dismount.  Jus’ sayin…

Your next smart move?

How ’bouty U zippity-boop over to the full honors Princess Balestra Daaaht Kaaahm Astro Experience?

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