Aries Full Moon 2017<span class="sdata2" title="2017-10-05T12:02:59+00:00"></span>

Your next moments

are super important.

By the time you done

read this through,

you will have taken

a real big decision.

Why so?

Moon is full in Aries rn —

brightest she gonna shimmer

on this cyclic roll.

What you read here is fire

transformative FIRE

ragin’ innocent & live beforeya eyes …

… beforeya heart.

The images you gonna see

dancin’ in the flames rn

are real & urgent & pure.

The images you gonna see rn

are real fleetin’ …

and will be gone

soon as they come visit.

So take a breath …

and behold Luna’s sweet


See that person.

See that place.

Feel that burn.

aaaaaaannnnnnnd — pfffffffft!

Please do not deny

you ain’t seen sumthin’.

Please do not deny

you ain’t felt nuthin’.

Please do not deny

what this moonflame vision means

& ‘jus said, “Sweetie —

it is time for action.”

Moonflame wanes

from this moment.

Vision mebbe gonna fade,

but desire for change

you now mebbe seenya really want —

*** Aries Impulse Flash ***

… ain’t gowin’ no fuckin’ place.

This is no time to be feeble,

no time to duck out.

Fillya heart with fire

an’ go do sumthin’ sparky

with alla that vision

jus’ flared up insideaya.

Disclaimer — The incendiary power firin’ up this Flash Aries Full Moon Ritual

got full sparky at 2.40pm ET, Thursday 10/5/17.  You drop here any later

(bcs you missed my tweet alert, you lame astro enthoosiast asshole),

full-on mojo bustin’ outta your vision gonna switch out energizin’ verve

for a scenario more akin to a limp dick … ahem … after the event

Prolly you can obtain sum kinda Surefire Celestial Benefit

from my srsly-on-the-money astro counsel till mebbe late Friday night,

after which time you prolly better off gettin’ slamoed onya cocktaila choice,

readin’ a juicy romance novel, or mebbe ridin’ a horse

tillya skimpies’re beyond damp & you unable to walk for a coupla minutes whenya dismount.  Jus’ sayin…

Your next smart move?

How ’bouty U zippity-boop over to the full honors Princess Balestra Daaaht Kaaahm Astro Experience?

Why Would I Not Do That? I Ain’t STOOPID!
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