Princess Horoscope<span class="sdata2" title="2017-07-17T07:19:48+00:00"></span>

*** LUCKY YOU! ***

Heya, Sweetie.

Seemsya jus’ Googled Princess Horoscope.

As an astrologer packin’ the necessary stargazy essentials, I gotta say this suggests you mebbe lookin’ for 1 of 3 things…

1) A princess called Princess Horoscope.

2) A horoscope for a princess.

3) Sumthin’ Disney related — yanno, alla the cutesy cartoon princesses they got.

You here for any other reason, then trooly I am lame far as predictin’ stuff goes.

If not — let’s see how I can help.

My name is Princess Balestra, an’ I am an astrologer person, so anyone lookin’ for Princess Horoscope — sorry, but she ain’t Moi.

This is Moi…

princess balestra astrology

Anyone lookin’ for a horoscope for a princess (item #2), gotta say sorry again.

I got an astrology blog & regular horoscopes (gonna get to that in a sec), but I do not offer birth charts an’ personal forecasts at this time.

Even for Royalty.

Uhm, so that kinda leaves the Disney deal (item #3) — an’ Disney I am most certainly not, tellya.

They got sweet princesses gonna bring tears to your eyes, an’ I would always wannit that way whenya are watchin’ stuff as a fam, but srsly ifya are lookin’ for that kinda princess, you gotta bail now.

Alas, I am not she.

For evryone else, like I said — this mebbe your LUCKY DAY!

You want dinky monthly horoscopes an’ incisive astrology articles — then head on over to Moi.

It is so easy!

It is so peasy!

It is so kinda…




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