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Astrology Fulla Rompolicious Stoopid For A Planet Packin’ Big Time Frickin’ Crap

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Slither Between My Favo Astro Resources Like A Pulsatin' PYTHON


Thingya gotta remember about the STARS is how they never got to be weirdsy animals like bulls an’ bears an’ shit till sum real ancient guys sketched ‘em out. Luckily for us, those stargazer guys were prolly not so smacked outta their brainos on delusions or pre-crack narcotics as alla today’s astro-skeptics would have the world believe. Otherwise, they would justa linked up the dots all kinda random an’ created a frickin’ SNAKE.

Dunno about you, but the last thing I wanna see maraudin’ its way through Mother Cosmosis’ celestial vapors is no venom-drippin’ serpent beest hellbent on destruction. FFS, we got enougha that kinda schwango doin’ the rounds in mosta the burger joints down here on Terrorized Firma.

But I would wanna suggestya meditate on this snake-that-never-was as I present a buncha my favo astro-links foryata slitherya way around. This is all cool stuff imho, an’ I wanna extenda handa gratitood to evryone fixed these resources up cos back in the Days Before Moi, mosta this stuff resided solely in the dusty cerebral vestibulesa crazy old loons with warts, mosta whose secret sacnctuary-cum-dungeons were only accessible to Indiana Jones types fired up on bodybuilder supplements.

Internets makes info real easy!

So c’mon — go check sum quality Astro…

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Ha! This is like sumone tore the horoscope section outta a happnin’ fashion magazine an’ inflated it till it burst. Coupla Sajjo twins makin’ out like crazy with alla the celestial balls.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders



Clear an’ insightful scopes, by day, week an’ month. Dip in, imbibe, roll out. Cool blog also. Neat.

Ooh ooh — an’ Twitter.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


This kinda meanders all over, but I love that. Prolly you could get lost here an’ never return. Lotsa hardcore reference stuff.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Super easyta access, this comprehensive astro blastfest will haveya droolin’. They got evrythin’ from scopes to detailed planetary maneuvers, all wrapped up in a color scheme big on Springtime bed linen hues.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Neat astro contents, yummy visuals, nice gal runnin’ the show. When I am late postin’ my scopes, I flag this baby up. Also on Twitter, from where she frequently retweets my stuff. What’s not to like?

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


This one ropes in all kindsa esoterica, an’ I love summa the sumptuous writin’ gowin’ down. Sense I get is of Narcissus starin’ into the water an’ seein’ he got a whole buncha benevolent spirits floatin’ by his side.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Super friendly site fulla warmth an’ heart, pulling’ in a blog an’ a whole buncha diverse resources. Best part is the Daily Astro reflection, whichya can drop in an’ outta on a whim asya mosey aroundya workin’ week lookin’ for the next brainsythinksy fixo.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Gotta love horoscopes from all over the internets! Tellya, this site has evrythin’ — daily, weekly, monthly … from celebrity seer to obscure visionary. So much choice it is almost Fate Off The Peg! Kinda checkya scope tillya find oneya like!

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Only available on Twitter, these fiery poet-seers dish up the Astro with wit, verve — an’ indiscriminate filth. They ain’t gonna be to evryone’s taste, but I am under no illusions, an’ I want ’em spread on a banana I can chomp on at regular intervals (with zero napkinta catch what dribbles from my lips).

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Astroscoped — Substantial horoscope directory resource cool on tryin’ to clear out scammers, bots & lame invaders.

Princess Balestra - Blog Directory

Ontoplist is a general directory for blogs an’ stuff within whose zone I currently parade my astro links like a brazen hussy.

Fate heart beating true astrology wonders


Gotta plug the home team, right? Point up feel good horoscopes gonna smooth outchya negative wrinkles an’ popya fulla perky? It is shamelessly selfisha Moi, I know, but I figure this kinda effusive generosity goes a long way in a world drilled down on unkindness rn.

I also got articles over at the journalistically hip Medium an’ astrojizzo squirtin’ from the slimeball vomitbucket they call … Tumblr.

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